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factory profile

jfe steel co., has exerted the utmost efforts to supply higher quality steel plates in response to customer’s throughout a history of more than 90 years. jfe steel is continuously improving its production equipments, expanding its products types, and intensifying its quality control.

jfe steel has 3 world leading plate mills and manufacturing various kinds of steel plates product with maximum width of 5350 mm and thickness of 360 mm. jfe steel can provide with state-of-the-art product such as high strength steel, wear-resistant steel, low temperature steel, boiler and pressure vessel steel, nickel-based high atmospheric corrosion resistant steel, stainless steel and etc. jfe steel has a yearly production more than millions of tons.

jfe abrasion-resistant steel plate

  • eh-360, 360a, 360le
  • eh400, 400le
  • eh-500, 500a, 500le

jfe high strength steel plate

  • hiten780s, 780le
  • hiten980s
  • hyd960le