application of wear-resistant steel plate

based on its high hardness, high strength, high toughness, low carbon and low alloy properties, wear-resistant steel has excellent overall performances. the combination of excellent wear resistance, machinability and weldability performance can ensure the gaols on "high wear resistance and easy processing, materials saving and cost reduction". it has been widely used in many applications since it has start.

road paver screed and transport board, excavator, loader bucket blade plate, bulldozer & bulldozing plate, grader blade, asphalt concrete mixing plant liner and blade, tunnel construction equipment, and all kinds of grab, ship unloader and material conveyor etc.

engineering machinery, construction machinery, port machinery


power shovel, carry-scraper, shovel blade plate of bucket wheel excavator, coal cutter, heading machine, scraper conveyor, feed bin, chute, hoist engine and pneumatic conveying pipeline, dumper truck bucket liner, all kinds of crusher, disintegrator, grinding machine, screen plate, feeder, stacker-reclaimer, cement separator, roller press, draught fan and suction machine etc.

rolling equipment, scrap breaking machine, packer, blast furnace top hopper、feeding tank and liner, blast furnace gas venturi scrubber, loading and unloading conveyor trough and liner of ore、coke、sintered material, etc.

coal pulverizer liner, bucket wheel machine, coal scuttle, coal dust conveying pipeline, grid plate of pulverized coal distributor, coal unloading liner, etc.

besides, the wr plates can be used in chemical engineering & machinery and agricultural machinery, etc.

thermal power plant